Bridge Alternatives
Institutional Futures Index

The Bridge Alternatives Institutional Futures Index provides a benchmark for diversified investment strategies that do not charge incentive fees.  This index tracks a growing segment of the alternatives industry and was constructed in direct response to institutional investor demand.  Constituents are the five largest managers (ranked by strategy assets under management) who are open for investment and willing to provide daily data.  Performance is reported net of fees on a daily basis.  The index is equally weighted and will be rebalanced and reconstituted on an annual basis.

The most recent performance may be estimated and subject to revision.

Month to Date

Month to Date

Year to Date

  • AlphaSimplex Group, LLC (Managed Futures Strategy)
  • Crabel Capital Management, LLC (AlphaTerra Advanced Trend)
  • Graham Capital Management (Tactical Trend)
  • GSA Capital Partners LLP (Trend Fund)
  • PIMCO (TRENDS Managed Futures Strategy Fund)
  • Inclusion criteria:
    1. Must trade a diversified portfolio of futures and/or foreign exchange
    2. Must offer a management fee only share class
    3. Must be open to new investment
    4. Must report daily estimated performance
  • Largest five (5) managers by strategy assets under management (USD) who meet the style definition (index committee’s discretion)
  • Index performance will be reported on a daily basis
  • The index will be equally weighted
  • Rebalanced annually (January 1; using AUM as of 10/31)
  • Reconstituted annually (January 1; using AUM as of 10/31)
  • Brian Walls (Bridge Alternatives)
  • Chris Kennedy (Bridge Alternatives)
  • Chris Mates (Liquid Capital Securities)
  • Daniel MacDonald
  • Galen Burghardt (Bridge Alternatives)
  • John Rowsell (Canyon Road Capital)
  • Ryan Duncan (Bridge Alternatives)
  • Sol Waksman (Barclay Hedge)

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