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Derivatives Brokerage

Demands on today’s institutional futures traders are significant. 

Established funds may have several clearing and execution counterparties all with varying execution capabilities, exchange access, risk policies, reporting capabilities, regulatory constraints and more.

New/growing funds may not know where to start or who’s the optimal partner.

Bridge Alternative Investments Inc. ("Bridge") serves as a natural intermediary, providing a single, trusted point of contact for the questions and issues that inevitably arise in this business.  We’ve spent our careers in the futures markets and have seen it all.

Comprehensive, bespoke solutions

  • Optimized brokerage
    • Understand and access the full landscape of derivatives brokerage solutions: electronic access methods, DMA, independents, bulge-bracket banks, commodity experts, latency specialists, margin efficiency, etc.
  • Custom reporting
    • Flexible reporting services designed and delivered to the client’s unique specifications
  • Post-trade allocation and reconciliation
  • Relationships and partnerships
    • Our FCMs are partners in every sense. Uniquely, we price business alongside them, not in addition to.
    • We’ll save you time. We’re constantly in contact with our FCMs.  Leverage the depth and breadth of our relationships for your benefit.

When we’re most helpful

  • New funds looking for futures clearing and execution services
    • Onboarding and account setup
    • Electronic execution setup
    • Assess pricing/market rates
    • Appropriate risk/margining
    • Save time—we’ll shorten the list of providers who meet your criteria
  • Established funds looking to add a new futures counterparty to fulfill a specific role
    • Exchange emphasis/product expertise
    • Approach/culture regarding risk
    • Change of market access (new terminal, direct market access)

We’re happy to share our thoughts/insights