Bridge Alternatives specializes in raising capital for niche investments from the world’s most sophisticated investors. We’ve earned access and trust within this opaque community through fair dealing, accuracy, and efficiency.

We Are Specialized:

Our services are particularly useful to commodities (both liquid and illiquid), quant, and macro strategies. These investments often deserve careful consideration.

Our opinions and relationships are grounded in industry-recognized research, allowing a uniquely precise experience for our clients that emphasizes quality over quantity.

There are different paths to a successful raise.


Bridge intimately understands structure (fund or separately managed account), style (high-Sharpe, capacity-constrained), and stage-specific factors.


We engage clients in a successive fashion, providing proposals at the time they are important while having considered what’s already transpired.


We do not “land grab.” Furthermore, our engagements are structured to create a clear and deep alignment of interests between our firm, our clients, and our capital partners.

We've raised hundreds of millions for our clients

Raising capital is challenging. It’s difficult for managers to self-assess their appeal and many investors don’t want to be easily found. Bridge is a trusted relay node in an opaque network, connecting like-minded firms with shared objectives.