Bridge Alternatives provides outsourced accounting, finance, and other advisory solutions to the financial and alternative community.

From emerging funds to multi-billion-dollar asset managers, we “bridge the gap” on an interim or long-term basis, wherever there is a need for smart, proven talent in financial and operations management.

Tailored Service

Our services can be tailored for any type of financial entity, investment structure, or fund, regardless of stage (pre-launch, established) or size (emerging, developed).

Experienced Team

Our team of experienced CFOs, COOs, and Controllers have a combined 300+ years as fund administrators at reputable accounting firms within the alternative space. They can manage every task that their in-house counterpart would be called upon to handle, ensuring that your financial and operational needs are met with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

Delivering Alpha

Whether you are an established firm looking to free up existing resources or an experienced team establishing a new business, outsourcing your back-office roles allows you to focus on your ultimate objective: delivering alpha. Don’t waste your bandwidth on non-revenue generating activities that BAIS can accomplish for you.

Management Company Solutions

Books and
Record Management

Reviewing and Reconciling Monthly Cash and Bank Accounts

Recalculation and Collection
of Management and
Performance Fees

Reviewing and Approving Vendor Invoices and Expense Reports

Preparing and Presenting Monthly Financial Statements

Human Resources

Fund/Account Level Solutions

Selection, Oversight, and Relationship Management of Service Providers

Review and Approval of
Net Asset Values (Nav) and Financial Packages

Review and Approval of Capital Call Notices, Income and Capital Distributions To Investors

Determining and Processing
Fund-Level Expenses

Managing Treasury Functions and Cash Controls

Managing and
Coordinating Audits

Ensuring Tax Compliance
and Coordination

Review and Approval of Funds' Annual Report

In-house Investor

Institutionalize your back office

Get in touch. We’ll happily provide references and case studies. We would love to learn about your venture.