Bridge Alternatives is an independent introducing broker focused on connecting institutional futures accounts to a broad group of Futures Commission Merchants (FCM).

We Also Provide Advisory, Capital Introduction, Custom Reporting, Post-Trade Allocation, And Reconciliation Services.

With decades of experience working in alternatives space, our team serves as your single, trusted point of contact for all your brokerage needs.

We are a natural intermediary,

having built strong relationships with our FCM partners, and we work in partnership with them to provide optimized brokerage solutions that are tailored to your unique needs.

Each client’s stage, structure, and style are carefully considered. Whether the client is pre-launch, emerging, or established, Bridge helps them evaluate, manage, and optimize their clearing and execution counterparties. With our industry vantage point, we ensure each broker’s execution capabilities, exchange access, risk policies, pricing, reporting, and regulatory constraints are well-suited to each client’s needs.

Our services include:


Electronic trading solutions

FIX Connectivity

Direct market access (DMA)



Dedicated onboarding representatives

Vendor referrals

FCM selection consulting



Allocation and reconciliation

Customized reporting

Your single, trusted point of contact

We’ve spent our careers in the futures markets and have pretty much seen it all. Whether starting from scratch or looking for an optimized arrangement, Bridge will be your first and only call.